Dedicated team

Have challenges with a local team setup? Try a dedicated one!
Send a request today, pay in a month after the start.

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Have challenges with a local team setup? Try a dedicated one!
Send a request today, pay in a month after the start.
  • Cut expenses on IT team upkeep

  • Effective working process

  • Covering of development letups

  • Fixed monthly rate

  • Code review before it get merged

  • Seamless team integration

The service includes:

  • IT talents hunting & candidates interviewing

  • Dedicated team forming

  • Shortlisting, relevant CVs providing

  • Regular reports, communication

  • Team downtime handling

  • Office expenses, taxes, social payments covering

  • Working environment establishment

  • Trainings and skills acquisition

  • Team building events organization

  • What are the benefits of a dedicated team?

  • Local team

  • Dedicated team

    • Size of expenses

    • A good part of the revenue goes to office rent, taxes, staff maintenance, and social benefits.

    • Using dedicated team service, you pay fixed rates and cut expenses on IT department upkeep.

    • Implementation quality

    • High quality is possible with competent developers and management personnel.

    • We provide code reviews by skilled leaders and control implementation deadlines.

    • Team management

    • There is a necessity to design the workflow for a team from scratch.

    • Possibility to completely delegate the dedicated team setup and get regular reports.

    • Downtime handling

    • In case a specialist is on sick leave, there is a chance not to meet a deadline.

    • A shadow specialist who is in a team can quickly cover any working letup.

    • Candidates searching zone

    • Searches are limited to one district. It is likely never to find a suitable candidate.

    • With us, you have access to the unlimited pool of specialists you may need.

    • Expertise necessity

    • To hire a skilled resource, you need experience in technologies and recruiting.

    • Each technology direction has a head with long-term development and management expertise who shortlists applicants.

    • Established connection

    • Issues between members are discussed orally, some arrangements can be skipped that leads to confusion.

    • All decisions should be fixed in the tool, each team member is always aware of changes.

    • Scalability

    • A new office and employees searching can be a time-consuming task. There is a risk of overstaffing.

    • The dedicated model allows you to vest staffing and scalability risks to the outsource company.

    • Training

    • The necessity to allocate funds for qualification improving and training.

    • Company undertakes the cost of new skills acquisition and qualification improving.

    • Recruiting quality

    • Recruiting of ideal candidates can take a lot of time and resources.

    • HR managers conduct the recruiting process from the very start to final approval.