Dedicated remote office

Open a fully-fledged development center in Eastern Europe with the complete delegation of office and team setup.

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Open a fully-fledged development center in Eastern Europe with the complete delegation of office and team setup.
  • Full delegation of office setup

  • Complete office staff recruiting

  • Keeping of the stable rates

  • Building of corporate culture

  • Regular operating reports

  • Team building activities

The service includes:

  • Office setup

  • Candidates searching and shortlisting

  • IT department forming

  • All office, social, tax expenses covering

  • Complete administrative staff recruiting

  • Comfortable working environment establishment

  • Effective working process creation

  • Providing regular reports on office, team work

  • Branding and corporate culture forming

  • Team building events organization

  • Acquisition of team knowledge, skills

  • Workshops, networking organization

  • What are the benefits of a dedicated remote office?

  • Local office

  • Remote dedicated office

    • Delegation of setup

    • Someone should take care of an office opening and operation. Otherwise, all issues are heaped on your shoulders.

    • The establishing of a remote office with everything ready is our duty. You can set up your brunch without even travelling to it.

    • Team scalability

    • Costs for equipment, decent salaries, etc. increase along with your growth.

    • Starting with 25 specialists, we offer a separate office for them, saving the rate.

    • Recruiting

    • You find human resources and handle other issues of a new unit, what requires skills, time and effort.

    • We hire the complete IT department or augment your team, selecting specialists with the required skills.

    • Staff expenses

    • You need to have an office manager, accountants, executives, system admins and others to some extent.

    • Paying just hourly rates, you get a full package of personnel you need. As well, you don’t bear overstaffing risk.

    • Office space costs

    • The necessity to allocate a part of the profit for office rent. To contract the expenses, you can only find a cheaper space.

    • Due to the country’s economic differences, you have the office space within the cost of a rate.

    • Business expansion

    • Taking all the risks and costs yourself: office rent, taxes, etc. and staying within the same boundaries.

    • You get a partner who takes the part of responsibilities that allows you to save funds and stay flexible

    • Established connection

    • Oral decisions can be insufficiently described or misunderstood.

    • Use tools and have all tasks written down so that everyone can check changes instantly.

    • Level of immersion

    • In-house workers will be more knowledgeable about your business. As they can take information on the spot.

    • With provided data, your dedicated staff can quickly submerge into the company mission and vision.