Website Terms of Use

Please, remember that your use of our Website and the Services available on it as well as other forms of your interaction with the Website may be viewed as your acceptance of our Website Terms of Use. Your first use of the Website is already considered to be a sign of your consent with these terms and conditions and your readiness to be bound by them. If you are not ready to follow these provisions and to be bound by these terms and conditions, the solution is to stop using this Website.

There are two parties: you, the User of the Website (‘You’, ‘you’), and YOURDEVTEAM LTD (‘YDT’, ‘We’, ‘we’), the company that owns and operates this Website. This agreement is applied to regulate the interaction between these two parties.

To use the Website you must be at least 16 years old.

Definitions and Interpretation

In this Agreement we use a range of notions that shall be interpreted in the following meanings as expressed here:

“Content” – any type of text information, images, graphics, audio files, video content, software, data compilations, combined types of information and any other forms of information not mentioned in this list but capable of being downloaded, copied or saved and being stored in a computer or any other device. Content represents a part of this Website;

“YOURDEVTEAM LTD” (also referred to as ‘YDT’) – the name of the limited company with the registered office of 60 Hinckley Road Leicester LE3 0RB. The company is registered in the United Kingdom with a company number 11372222. You can contact us using the following contact details: and +44 1509 733445.

“Service” – a collective notion that refers to the type of online facilities, tools, services or information that YOURDEVTEAM LTD provides public access to via the Website either at the current moment or will do in future;

“System” – any type of online communications infrastructure that YOURDEVTEAM LTD provides via the Website either at the current moment or will do in the future. These forms of online communication include web-based email, message boards, live chat facilities, and email links. Nevertheless, a full list is not limited to the above-mentioned forms of communications infrastructure.

“User” / “Users” – any third-party, any visitor who enters and uses the Website but is not an employee of YOURDEVTEAM LTD and/or is not visiting the Website seeking to be employed;

“Website” – the website that you are visiting at the current moment and a part of which this page is ( as well as any sub-domains of this site if they are not expressly excluded in accordance with their terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property

All Content that can be found on the Website (the exception is content that was uploaded by Users or visitors) that includes any type of text information, images, graphics, logos, sound files, video content, software, data compilations, underlying code, page layout, combined types of information as well any other forms of content not mentioned in this list belongs to YOURDEVTEAM LTD, our affiliates or other relevant third parties. Using our Website you show that you understand that use of this type of information and content is regulated and protected by the provisions of UK and International intellectual property and other relevant laws.

You are not granted with the right to duplicate, disseminate, store, reproduce or re-use any materials provided on this Website. There can be some exceptions in case any of these actions are permitted by the written consent by YOURDEVTEAM LTD or on the Website.

Reuse of the materials placed on this Website without a permission provided by YOURDEVTEAM LTD in a written form is allowed in case it is possible to apply any provisions of Chapter III of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 that permit to do so.

Links to Other Websites

On this Website you can find links to other sites. Nevertheless, neither YOURDEVTEAM LTD nor our affiliates control, manage or operate them unless otherwise is stated. We are not responsible for the quality and type of the content provided by these websites and can’t guarantee you the integrity of their operators. That’s why we fully disclaim liability for any negative experience, losses or damages that you may suffer from in case you decide to use these websites.

Placement of any links to other websites on our Website should not be considered to be a sign of our acceptance of their policies or any endorsement of their operators.

Privacy and Data Protection

Your privacy is a great value for your company. Please, read attentively our Privacy Policy to ensure that you understand clearly what rules and principles are applied to regulate this issue.


YOURDEVTEAM LTD can’t guarantee you that this Website and the Services provided on this Website will fully satisfy you and will meet all your expectations; that you will consider all the materials provided to be of a high quality; that it will be suitable and useful for your purposes; that it will function properly with all systems and devices; that it will not affect any rights of third parties; that all information provided will be precise and up-to-date. We also can’t predict and foresee all specific results that you may get using the Services offered on the Website.

Limitations and exclusions of liability

Unless otherwise is prescribed by the applicable laws, YOURDEVTEAM LTD does not take any liability for any kinds of direct or indirect loss or damage that can arise as a result of using our Website or any information presented on it. Please, bear in mind, that you use our Website and the Content at your own risk and you take responsibility for any foreseen and unpredictable consequences of it.

If any of these terms and conditions are considered to be illegal, invalid or unlawful within your jurisdiction, only in this jurisdiction this term should be considered to be excluded from these terms and conditions. But this does not have any impact on the remaining terms and conditions that shall stay intact and remain in force.

Availability of the Website

The Service is offered “as is” and on an “as available” basis. While using our Website, please, remember that we do not provide you with any guarantee that our Website, as well as all Content presented on it, will be free from errors or omissions. Some information may turn out to be not up-to-date or inaccurate or not of an expected quality but we are not obliged to modify it. We are not responsible for the possibility to use our information for a certain purpose unless otherwise is prescribed by law.

YOURDEVTEAM LTD do not take any liability for problems with availability of our Website that can be caused by some external factors that may include but are not limited to failure of ISP or host equipment, communications network or power failure, natural disasters, military actions or legal issues and censorship.

Acceptable use

You are not allowed to use our Website in a way that results in or may result in any damage to the Website and the Content. It is also strictly prohibited to use our Website in any illegal, fraudulent or destroying way or in a way that may have relation to any illegal or fraudulent activities. You are not allowed to use our Website with a view to duplicate, disseminate, keep, send, utilize or post any types of material which contain or have relation to any malicious or technologically harmful computer software including but not limited to spyware, Trojan horse, worm, logic bombs, rootkit.

It is allowed to carry out any types of data collection activities which may include but are not limited to data mining, extraction and harvesting on our Website or are related to them only after obtaining our written consent. Unsolicited commercial communication via our Website is prohibited. Unless you receive our consent provided in a written form, you have no right to use our Website for any marketing purposes.


If you need to send any notice to us or you need to contact us for some other purposes, please, do it via email. Our email address is If your email is received on a business day, it is considered to be received the day after it was sent; if you send it on a public holiday or a weekend, it is considered to be received the next business day.


Some sections and areas of the Website are not publicly available. We still have the right to remove from public access to some other areas of the Website or the whole Website if we consider it necessary. From time to time we can conduct monitoring of the network traffic to detect any attempts of third parties to modify, add any information or remove it from the Website. By using this Website you show your consent with this monitoring. The main aim of such monitoring is to ensure that Website stays intact and can be accessed by all Users.

Any attempts of unauthorized parties to change, edit, update, alter, modify, delete or damage any information presented on this Website or in this System; to change or delete any security settings; to forge TCP/IP headers; to upload any materials; to install any software; to utilize this Website for some purposes that were not initially presumed, etc. are prohibited and can be a ground to file a lawsuit.

The free stuff

Some information and services are provided by YOURDEVTEAM LTD on a fee-free basis. It means that in such cases there is not any necessity to conclude a contract between Users and YOURDEVTEAM LTD. In relation to the services provided for free, we are not liable to any party in case the results from using our free services do not meet their expectations. If you use our free services, you acknowledge that YOURDEVTEAM LTD is not obliged to provide the same services on the same basis in the future.